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Learn how to create sound connections.


Finally restore yourself after the effects of stress and tension.

Learn TRE® and explore neurogenic movement,


SSP may also be right for you.

Learn safe, appropriate touch to promote interoception and wellness.


Take home resilience building  tools and techniques, grounded in neuroscience. 

How would you prefer to feel?

An accumulation of stress impacts our autonomic responses,


Stress affects our health, our relationships and how we interact with the world.

Sometimes things feels out of control.


The autonomic nervous system is in charge of automatic responses.


Mental, emotional and physical reactions are governed by this system

Current neuroscience tells us we have 3 main neural networks we use to respond to stress.


In Overwhelm Mode the parasympathetic dorsal vagal complex of nerves associated with a freeze response are running the show.

Go Mode is activation and dominance of the spinal chain of sympathetic nerves that we use to mobilize . 

Rest and Repair Mode is when the ventral vagal parasympathetic complex of cranial nerves is regulating our functions.   

resilience is not endurance

Endurance is what you can put up with but isn't sustainable. Endurance is mostly Go Mode.


Resilience is the ability to use a bunch of energy or even get overwhelmed but then to flexibly return to the sustainability of our Rest and Repair Mode.


Resilience is the ability to shift between all 3 modes. 

Make sound connections for resilience not endurance.


1. Dorsal Vagal Complex  (DVC) -Parasympathetic 

2. Ventral Vagal Complex (VVC) -Parasympathetic

3. Sympathertic nervous system (SNS)


Overwhelm Mode - DVC

Go Mode - SNS  

Rest/Repair Mode - VVC.


We can get stuck bouncing between Overwhelm and Go, go go with only glimpses of Rest and Repair.  


Movement, sensitivity and touch are ways to promote both proprioception and interception.


Connecting to 'self' through interception and stimulating the insula in the brain are key aspects of stress recovery.


Learn safe, appropriate touch that promotes interoception and wellness.


Learning how to make sound connections to rest and repair, allows us to turn things down that are too high in the mix.


Sound connections help turn up the volume of health, growth and restoration.

Get the skills and tools.


Tech youself before you wreck yourself.


4 x 4

You, me and 2 other friends or family members. 

Together we'll learn about the nervous system. We'll learn TRE® and gather additional restoration tools for ongoing support and resilience . 3x 60min group sessions. 2 x Individual 60 min sessions per person with me to deepen a personal practice and answer anything that may arise.

9 sessions $90/hr value $810

price: $750

(5 sessions $250 per person)

3 x 3

You, me and a friend or partner. Nervous system health is essential for healthy relationships.  

3x 60min group sessions.

Gp1 Nervous system and tool prep

Gp2 Learning TRE® and neurogenic movement

Gp3 Group practice.

2x individual 60min per person

Individual S1 Connecting to self, touching fascia.

Individual S2 Deepening TRE®

7 sessions $90/hr value $630

Price $600

(5 sessions $300 per person) 

2 x 2

You and me, getting it done. We'll ground in Neurosience and you'll get training in nervous system health. You'll learn TRE® and tools you can use to build resilience and shake off stress. Touch is essential to engage with self. You'll learn safe a appropriate touch to deepen your practice.

5 sessions $90/hr 

Price $450

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1 x 1

No-one heals alone, we heal in community. Deepening a personal practice that supports your nervous system is essential but we must also connect with others through relationship and be engaged with the world around us.