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Safe and Sound Protocol

SSP - Safe and Sound Protocol created by Dr. Stephen Porges who also created the Poly Vagal Theory. SSP™ is a listening therapy that stimulates circuits associated with autonomic state shift.


Sometimes we get stuck in overwhelm mode or go, go, go mode and we can't connect to the mode that supports health growth and restoration.

The tiny muscles in the middle ear naturally contract to be more responsive to speech or relax to be more responsive to low and high frequencie which can become too much information. In overwhelm mode sometimes these muscles stop working, Using filtered music these tiny muscles begin to wake up. This seems to wake up an entire complex of nerves in the parasympathetic nervous system repsonsible for health and connection to others.

Safe and Sound Protocol is a precise and non-invasive neural listening exercise for use at home or in a clinic setting

SSP is not intended to be a stand-alone therapy, rather used as part of a broader treatment plan that may include both traditional and alternative physical and mental health providers. People who use SSP report an increase in the gains experienced in other facets of their health and wellness care.


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