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Tension and trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE® developed by Dr. David Berceli, is a series of 7 simple exercises designed to stimulate the bodies natural stress recovery response mechanism. This neuromuscular movement feels and looks like different kinds of vibration. Typically done lying down, wobbling shaking buzzing and tremoring are some of the sensations experienced in the body. You're always in control of the process and can stop or rest at any  time. Feels and looks kind of funny at first, I know.


When the body and brain get comfy with this sensation, tension in the deep tissue is released. Tension can be released that could have been created during a stressful event. Clients sometimes report being able to move past or negotiate events from their past that have been holding them back. Better sleep, less pain, less worry. This has the effect of calming the nervous system. A calmer nervous system means a healthier immune system that supports health, growth and restoration.

You can learn to do TRE® on your own but some people have found the process overwhelming. It can be a wonderfully simple and also a profound practice. Its your body remembering to do its thing. Having someone guide you who has been doing it for years can be useful. Lets connect to find out what approach is right for you.

I have been a certified TRE® provider since 2016, taken several advanced trainings with Dr. Berceli in the US and Japan. I continue to represent the TRE® organization as a mentor to trainee providers. Trainees learn the neuroscience of safety and connection, physiology, brain science, how autonomic nervous system activity affects behavior, emotion and the physiology as well as the neurophysiology of stress and trauma. I'm currently working with trainee cohorts in Detroit, Kenya and an international cohort under TRE® Trainer, Alex Greene of Red Beard Bodywork. Check out Alex's Site.

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